Reasons to Use Message Encryption Software


Software encryption is the only way to ensure that the information you transmit to the recipient is kept secret from hackers and other interceptors.

Protection of Information with Encryption Software

The rapid development of computer networks and communications taking place now significantly expands the possibilities of using information technologies for the exchange of information between various categories of users. Along with the introduction of various means of exchanging information in electronic form in everyday work, the problem of ensuring its security is becoming increasingly important: confidentiality, integrity, and authorship.

The user increasingly wants to be sure that no one will read the messages sent to him, except for the specified addressee. The recipient wants to be sure that the information is received exactly from the source from which he expected them. To ensure the security of transmitted information all over the world, cryptographic protection technologies using public keys are increasingly being used.

With the help of the use of message encryption software, it is also possible to organize the interaction of trade enterprises with dealers and provide them with commercial information via the Internet. Large industrial enterprises can build their own confidential document flow on their basis. The enterprises of the extractive and processing industry can create systems of the interaction of the Central Offices with remote branches and much more. The range of tasks solved by such applied systems is practically unlimited.

If you make the public key public with encryption software, users can send you data encrypted with it, which only you can decrypt with your private secret key. With the help of a private key, you can also transform the data sent in such a way that users can make sure that this data was sent by you and not by someone else. This capability serves as the basis for digital signatures, which are discussed in more detail below.

Reasons to Use Electronic Digital Signatures with Encryption Software

Encryption is a fun and easy-to-use utility that helps keep your files or communications with other devices safe so that no intruder can gain access to them. The basic principle behind encryption is surprisingly simple. The file or message is encrypted with a code or key. The recipient knows that a code was used to encrypt the message. Any other person with a different key (or no key at all) will look at a bunch of letters and numbers that don’t make any logical sense.

The creation and verification of digital signatures is probably the most interesting aspect of public-key cryptography. The basis of an electronic digital signature is the mathematical transformation of the signed data using a private secret key and the fulfillment of the following conditions:

  • You can create an electronic digital signature only using a private secret key.
  • Anyone who has access to the corresponding public key can check the validity of an electronic digital signature.
  • Any change in the signed data (even a change in just one bit in a large file) invalidates the electronic digital signature.

An electronic digital signature, like any other data, can be transmitted together with signed, that is, protected by it, data. For example, Bob can create a signed email message and send the text of the message along with the signature to Alice, allowing her to verify the identity of the sender of the message. In addition, the digital signature allows you to make sure that the data was not altered (accidentally or intentionally) during transmission to the addressee.